Monday, April 7, 2008

Some of you may think that I spend my weekends going to parties, nothing could be further from the truth, I'm usually re-writing my anaylsis papers on the weekend. These are pictures of my weekend trip to Chihuahua. Each year my friend Jesus has a really big party for his birthday, he's in the second picture wearing the gold mask. He always goes all out for his parties, he rents one of the bars in Chihuahua and only those with an invitation can get in. This year the theme of the party was, I really don't know what the theme was but we were all told to wear a mask. See if you can find me in the first picture.
Like Adolfo's party, see my past posting, I always look forward to Jesus' party because it gives me an opportunity to see old friends that have moved away. Some people come from as far away as California, Monterrey, and Hermosillo to name a few. There's nothing like a good party to bring together old friends. Far too many times friends and family wait until something tragic to happen to come together. I hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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La Cri said...

Glad you're having fun, Augustin, and not just working on papers for this class. Believe me, I know how tied up we can get in our school work. Party on! Looks like you had fun!

Mrs. R